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Spotlight on the PFERD CHAIN SHARP CS-X sharpening file tool


Red Mountain® recommends the new chainsaw sharpening file tool series, CHAIN SHARP CS-X. These are produced by PFERD, our valuable partner and world leading company in surface finishing and material cutting. The sharpening tools have been made available for our customers on our distributor’s webshop, GREENi Shop.


We strongly recommend the CHAIN SHARP CS-X because it will make manual sharpening of saw chains very easy and even much quicker than mechanical sharpening:

  • Saw tooth and depth gauges will by sharpened in one step, due to the presence of both  saw tooth files and depth gauge files. The uniform vertical position of the files will regulate the depth gauge of the chain at the proper distance for the saw tooth.
  • By simply turning the device, both left and right teeth can be sharpened quickly. Due to the presence of two saw tooth files and one double sided depth gauge file, no time-consuming reconfiguration of the tool will be necessary.
  • With its clicking system at the side, installing and replacing files will go smoothly and they will always fall in the correct position. The symbols on the machine will show how to use the machine, and point out the sharpening directions.
  • The special design of the tool will fix the sharpening angle of the tool. By holding the blue PCV handles parallel to the chainsaw, the file will be always at a perfect 90° angle with respect to the guidebar.


View the PFERD demonstration video from the Red Mountain® Youtube playlist, for seeing the tool in action:



The CHAIN SHARP CS-X tool is available in 4 types, for the different pitch types of saw chains. Each sharpening device is preinstalled with 2 files and 1 depth gauge file. Both the CHAIN SHARP CS-X sharpening machine and the replacement files can be purchased by Red Mountain® clients on our distributor’s webshop, GREENi Shop.


In the overview of the tools below, we also refer to the Red Mountain® article numbers of the replacement files, produced as well by our partner PFERD:

  • 11098040: tool for 3/8LP chains, with files of 4,0 mm diameter (replacement RM80-10004)
  • 11098048: tool for .325 chains, with files of 4, 8 mm diameter (replacement RM80-10048)
  • 11098051: tool for 3/8 chains, with files of 5,16 mm diameter  (replacement RM80-10516)
  • 11098055: tool for .404 chain, with files of 5,5 mm diameter (replacement RM80-10055)


Sharpening the chains with the CHAIN SHARP CS-X sharpening tool, will give the saw chain a longer use and durability. It will prove to be an essential and time saving tool in the workplace. Red Mountain® greatly recommends this tool to anyone who handles or repairs chain saws.