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Welcome to the Red Mountain® News Blog!


We, the Red Mountain® team, are proud to welcome you to our new blog.


First of all, we would like to introduce our brand new and fresh website. In our Products section, you can easily browse our range of articles – guidebars, chains, files, brushcutter blades, trimmer heads, nylon wires, safety wear and many more Red Mountain® high quality products.


In the Docs section, you can read and download manuals as well as information folders for our Red Mountain® products. Here you can also watch handy videos from our YouTube channel with instructions on how to use our products and demonstrations by professionals.


In this News section we have created a blog space, to put the spotlight on specific Red Mountain® products. In this section of the website we will elaborate on why we selected the quality specifications of our top products and also introduce the newest additions to our product range. This will help you to get to know our products and guide you in selecting the suitable articles for your specific usage.


Please check out our blog regularly, or get the newest updates instantly by following us on Facebook. Also don’t forget to like us there and share the news about Red Mountain and our products to anyone with similar interest!


We hope you will enjoy our news blog, and that you will enjoy your experience with our traditional built quality that lasts Red Mountain® products!